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Our Mercedes Sprinter van is a fully equiped salon on wheels. Complete with bathtub, hot water supply, grooming table, lighting and climate control, it has everything to comfortably and effectively groom your pet right in your driveway – resulting in huge time savings for you and an enjoyable experience for your pet; no caging, no waiting, no mess, no hassle!


We only use natural and biodegradable products.



Dirty dog grooming

The Benefits of Mobile Grooming:


  • Convenience! No more planning your day around your pets grooming appointment, we come to you!

  • Less stress for your pet! No stressful car rides, no cages, no waiting to be groomed.

  • One-on-one attention! Your pet is the only dog being groomed and by only one groomer.

  • Quicker grooming times! No more waiting all day to get your dog back from the groomers.

  • No exposure to other pets! Your pet will not come in contact with other pets that may carry parasites or viruses.

Dog grooming

Servicing Surrey and Delta, Nose to Tail Mobile Grooming is the perfect solution for you and your pet! We groom both dogs and cats.

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